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The State of Sci Fi: 7/31/16

I'd like to post once a week and share my thoughts on that week's "state of scifi". Sometimes as it applies to me, as well as information about things that may have transpired that week or pretty recently as far as the world of science fiction (and fantasy) is considered across multiple platforms. The first thing that comes to mind is Marvel's decision to make the third Avengers film a single film. Thank Goodness somebody in Hollywood is drinking their coffee. The Avengers movies, although short of groundbreaking, are consistent, high-quality, and entertaining. I've enjoyed both of them (I think the first slightly more than the second) and I'm glad Marvel opted to put the knife down, avoidin

Book Review: Destined by Jordan Pinckney and Will Lenzen Jr

I had the pleasure of meeting Will Lenzen Jr recently via the interwebs, and as a result, he is now part of my "Writer's Circle of Trust". My autographed copy of Destined has made many trips with me to various coffee shops all over greater L.A., and today I'm going to be giving you my take on this debut novel. Before I go any further, I will preface this post by stating that my current speculative fiction diet consists of new-adult and adult content. Reading, writing, film, it doesn't matter. I'm not big on content for young adults because...I am not a young adult. That said, if you do enjoy this category or happen to be a young adult, then hear this. Destined is a science fiction & fantasy

A Week of Fury

I've been a sponge for 72 hours. Soaking up a ridiculous amount of SEM information, while still finding the time to tend to the other facets of my life, like, say, blogging, for example. Had an epiphany or two on the scifi front as well, which is always nice. Sometimes it's thinking of a new quirk for a character you thought you knew everything about, other times it could be realizing that it's about time you solidified the names of the sequels in your debut science fiction trilogy that will be coming soon. Either way, I think it's safe to say I had a pretty darn productive week. The engine is running at a pretty high capacity, although I almost always feel like there's room for improvement

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