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How Dawn of Legaia's Concept Art Came To Be

A couple years ago, I decided I wanted a visual for my story that I could use as a promotional piece. I saw a friend of a friend on Facebook that was custom painting Vans quite well, and so I reached out to this young artist (named Arotin Hartounian) and picked his brain a bit. He was equally excited to discuss the possibility of painting science fiction artwork. Over the course of several months and a few coffee house meetings, I provided Arotin with what we both felt was enough information relating to my story and the overall vision, to enable him to generate a corresponding work of art. He presented me with several rough sketches, so that we could select a basic artistic layout or design

The State of Sci Fi: 8/29/16

First things first, RIP Mr. Gene Wilder. Willy Wonka's character is one of the most memorable characters from my childhood. His performance in that role was superb, and I feel as though that character, along with that movie, will be embraced for decades to come. Southern Californians, mark your calendars. A new comic convention is coming to Los Angeles, January 14th and 15th of next year. The Comic Excitement Convention will be held at the L.A. Convention Center, celebrating comic books, cosplay, anime, horror, science fiction, aviation, and space exploration. Pop culture festivals in general are awesome, and a brand new one in Los Angeles is right up my alley. This one happens to have a pre

The Marriage of Science and Philanthropy

I consider myself to be more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy, but every once in a blue moon, I don't mind unleashing my inner Ray Donovan, especially for a good cause. Tonight I attended the Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry's 17th Annual "Match For Life" Gala. This organization seeks to save lives by working with doctors, biologists, and volunteers, to build a registry of stem cell donors whose unique genetic make-up can help save the lives of Armenian and non-Armenian matches suffering from leukemia and other life-threatening blood related illnesses. I enjoyed listening to the various board members speak, as they shared their personal experiences regarding how they contribute to the org

The Art of the Con

It's been 3 years since I attended my first comic convention, Comikaze 2013. I remember aisle after aisle of toys, comics, posters, cosplayers, fans, props, merchandise, memorabilia, and even several awesome, larger props that were roped off, like a car from Ghostbusters, and even K.I.T.T.! Iron Men ranging from the size of your palm, to life size figures of the highest quality. For me, these are just some of the many reasons why these pop culture festivals are so awesome, and a few days ago I learned of a new comic con coming to L.A.! January 14 and 15 of 2017, The Comic Excitement Convention will be coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center. $10k goes to the top cosplayer. (I shoulda bee

Box Office Blues

It simply has not been a good year at the box office. A third of the year remains, but the films from the first 8 months of the year seem to have missed the mark, to say the least. Sometimes, when movies under perform, there are a multitude of elaborate reasons, but I think great films can overcome that. If you ask me, filmmakers need to go back to the basics. They need to tune out the studio pressure that comes with quarterly earnings reports, and focus on making good movies. Films with stories that are foundationally sound. A movie doesn't Have to have the latest and greatest CG. That sort of stuff is supposed to be the icing on the cake, but Hollywood's birthday parties haven been the fou

My 5 Favorite Comic Book Characters

Believe it or not, there was once upon a time when you had to go out of your way to ingest superheroes. These days, they're shoved down our throats, but I haven't forgotten about the comic book characters I loved growing up. Every now and then, I'll see an image of one, or I'll come across an old binder full of X-Men trading cards, and I'll remember some of my old favorites. Here's a list of the five superheroes that come to my mind when I think of who my favorite comic book characters are. 5. Two-Face - The guy was two people in one person, split down the middle, And he had an obsession with flipping a coin whenever he needed to do, well, anything! Need I say more? 4. The Vision - I'm a hug

It's The Final Countdown!

Turn on the industrial-strength fans and let the guitar riffs rip. There's only a week left in August, and as most folks contemplate how to have as much fun as possible over the course of the next couple weeks, I'll be busy in a completely different way. My first novel, titled "Dawn of Legaia" will be available sooner than expected. Q4 of 16 instead of Q1 of 17, and as soon as my tentative release date is nailed down, I'll be sure to let you guys know for sure exactly what date I have in mind. I must say, it's been one hell of a journey. I have fallen in love with these characters, and I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about them. I hate to put things in a box, but I also want t

My 5 Favorite Sci Fi OST's

Hearing is believing. Wait, that's seeing...Well I like them both, okay! I'm no musician, but I sincerely enjoy a good soundtrack. Whether the music in question be a thrilling score, a somber melody, or a genre piece from mainstream music, the right song can really enhance any experience. I'm fresh off the heels of Suicide Squad, and it was interesting how they meshed classic tunes with new ones, but here's a list of what I believe to be some of the best soundtracks from science fiction movies and video games. 5. Mass Effect 3 - I never got around to finishing the game, and I'm surprised how much I liked it for a 3rd person shooter, but I probably spent more time listening to the game's musi

Movie Review: Suicide Squad

Hats off to the production team behind Suicide Squad, and a big, fat, Shame On You, to the naysayers that tried to throw this film under the bus within its first week of release. We talked about this a few posts ago, and it just goes to show you how quickly bullshit can spread in the information age. But ultimately, your logic and your gut are the only ones that can really decipher the venom corporations fling at each other while chasing the almighty dollar. If you haven't seen Suicide Squad yet, you owe it to yourself to see it. It's one of the only legit films to hit the screen this year, and whether you're a con-attending die-hard, or just a passive movie fan looking for a decent film to

The State of Sci Fi: 8/21/16

I'm surprised by how mild the box office has been this summer. For science fiction, as well as the film industry as a whole. There were a minimal amount of anticipated films, and even the movies that were projected to perform the best seem like they've fallen short of their expected marks. Looking forward to finally seeing Suicide Squad tomorrow night, and I'll be sure to post my thoughts on that shortly afterward. Let's hope Doctor Strange or Rogue One give us something to smile about, but it definitely seems as though Hollywood has taken more than a couple missteps lately, and needs to reevaluate their stance regarding titles as well as release schedules. I feel like I haven't seen even a

Creative Writing Necessities

The creative process is often times as mysterious as the creations themselves. It fascinates me, the different methods and settings people use when working or creating art. I'm certain there are science fiction writers out there that have quirky rituals or necessities when it comes to writing, cause sci fi fans are quirky people to begin with. Even the variance associated with what happens before writing is interesting. Sometimes, I'll just wake up knowing I'm going to write that day, or perhaps it had been planned out from the day before, where as other times, something intercepted by one of my senses triggers a thought which'll make me think, "You know what, I need to write..." The process

Five Years of Sci Fi

July marked 5 years since the inception of A.C. Hachem. Half a decade of some of the most fun I've ever had, as well as some of the most grueling trials and tribulations I've ever had to endure. That's what passion does to you. Makes you reconsider what matters most. Slaps you across the face hard enough to knock you down. But you get back up every single time, because you want to, or need to, or don't know what else you can do. Over the course of the past couple months, things have been ramping up pretty intensely as far as the entire project is concerned. A new site, a new blog, hunkering down on social media, working on graphics, logos, editing, making lots of new friends, and all sorts o

Humans Are Friends, Not Food!

There may come a day when targeted PSA's attempt to educate our android brethren as to why they should love us. The good news is that I won't be here when it happens, haha. But seriously, I don't want future humans to experience a decrease in their quality of lives because Chappie and his homies are having a "purge" of their own. "There will be bylaws in place to prevent this sort of behavior, A.C." Asimov's Laws of Robotics, but for realsiez. And that's a cute concept that will work better in theory than it will in reality. So I urge you, start a movement. An educational campaign. Teach your metallic brothers and sisters Why, they shouldn't harm their creators. Set a proper example, the way

The Martian Obsession

Lately, it seems as though Mars has been in the news a lot. We have a very advanced rover there, SpaceX and other private organizations are trying to get us there, and Andy Weir even gave us a glimpse into what it might be like to be there. Non-private space firms also have big plans for Mars, so on and so forth. But something is kind of fishy about the whole Martian obsession. Why are we spending so much time, money, and energy trying to get there? Do we want to claim it? Make it a U.S. territory? Does NASA or the EPA know something about Earth that we don't? Personally, I do believe the Earth will eventually look like a Mars or Venus, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon. W

Why The Matrix Is My Favorite Sci Fi Movie: Part 1

Before you ask, I'm referring to the trilogy, not just the first film, because IMHO, the films were quite linear, and it feels like one story to me, broken down into three parts, where as some other sequels or prequels or trilogies feel like stand-alone films that share characters or something. Does that make sense? I hope that makes sense. I know there are many out there that feel the first film was significantly better than the next two, but I am not friends with those people. I am also not friends with anyone that says they haven't seen The Matrix, or that they hated The Matrix, or anything remotely close to such phrases. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I figured I'd list some

The State of Sci Fi: 8/15/16

Suicide Squad has seen a pretty drastic dip in its revenue. Lately, I've been reading a lot of articles talking about big movies that make a lot of money and are still considered failures. Between production budgets, advertising spend, and studio expectations, seems like 10 figures in the new status quo, and anything shy of that is uncivilized. :::says A.C. in a terrible British accent while pretending to smoke a tobacco pipe::: I'm looking forward to seeing both Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad, so that I can share my thoughts on them with you. Saw a post on Facebook that someone had shared about Kevin Smith bashing a troll that had left a very rude comment on his daughter's IG account or

Movie Review: Pixels

Pixels was a cute film. Cuter than I expected it to be. Normally, trailers make films look better than they are, but in the case of Pixels, I ended up enjoying the film quite a bit more than I thought I was going to based on the trailers. Additionally, I've never been a big fan of Adam Sandler movies. He's pretty consistent, I'll give him that, but since I was pretty much a kid, I've always thought his work was good ol' fun, but nothing great. Pixels sprinkles that with some nostalgia, which helps boost the film's significance. Any fan of comedies and/or video games is sure to consider Pixels, at the very least, not time wasted. Also helping Sandler's cause is the fact that the last movie I

Sci Fi Firepower!

There's one thing I've shied away from since I started writing The Legaia Series, and that's the use of conventional, human weaponry that fires metallic munitions. Not because I don't like them or don't respect their place in history, but because we've all already seen a lifetime's worth of lead and brass pew-pew. For this reason, I'm a huge fan of science fiction weaponry. Whether it's hand held or vehicular, or whether its projectiles are tangible or energy-based. Maybe it fire no projectiles at all! See how vast this aspect of genre fiction can be? In my first story, "Dawn of Legaia", the blandest weapon is an electro-magnetic pistol that very few and select individuals get to own. For th

Your Own Cosmos

As speculative fiction readers and writers, we all have our dietary preferences. Whether your favorite topics involve copper gears and steam power, or sea creatures entangled in bad weather, there's a niche for everybody. But one of the most prominent components of science fiction specifically, is the dark and vast expense we see when we look up at the sky, after our host star has settled in for the evening. Fictitious planets, moons, and landscapes are everywhere in science fiction, and although I can't explain all the reasons why the cosmos are so prominent in sci fi, I can elaborate on one of my theories as to why. We tend to enjoy stories about things we don't understand, or understand f

When Video Games Become Films

God kills a kitten. Just kidding. Hey, at least it ain't another superhero flick. Excited to hear news about a new Mortal Kombat movie that's in the works. Sounds challenging right off the bat, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the movie wasn't any good, because at the end of the day, it's based on a fighting game, and there ain't much going on in a fighting game, except fighting. Sometimes fighting games will give their characters back stories in an attempt to make them richer, but that's not enough. not even close. When a film is based on a video game that has some sort of a story mode or adventure, the transition is far less brutal, and these types of films probably have a bett

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