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Less Than 3 Weeks Left Till Dawn of Legaia!

These past couple weeks have been bananas. Between dealing with a family emergency, painting my soon-to-be apartment, and editing like crazy, while trying my best to keep kicking ass at my day job, it's been a hectic 14 days, no doubt. Some good news! This last week of editing has been going really well. I've been able to edit everyday, which really helps with momentum, motivation, and all sorts of other things. I can't think of any reason why editing sporadically would be better than editing on a regular, consistent basis. As successful authors tend to say, there's no such thing as a perfect manuscript, or one that you're ever "done and done" with. Just one that you're ready to let go of, a

Westworld: S.1 Ep 2

Was able to catch the second episode of Westworld last night and felt like sharing my thoughts on it. I enjoying getting a closer peek at the process a guest undergoes during their onboarding. I wish supermodel-esque hosts greeted me everywhere I went before offering themselves to me, but that's why this is science Fiction we're discussing here. lol... Generally speaking, the show was full of exciting tid-bits that helped us further immerse ourselves in the storyline. It seems that as the show progresses, more of these androids are beginning to exhibit strange behaviors, and I'm excited about the next episode. After all, that is perhaps one of the most tell-tale signs of a good show, right?

The State of Sci Fi: 10/3/16

The coolest highlight from the last several days? We have a kick-ass new sci fi show to watch! HBO's Westworld premiered last night and it did not dissapoint. I think it still has a longgg way to go before it's GoT-level legit, but the possibilities are exciting. I ordered a bunch of Kaladesh singles on eBay a few days ago, and I can't wait to sleeve 'em up and let 'em rip. Hope to make time for some Friday Night Magic this week so I can give my home-brewed Abzan Ayli deck a whirl. SpaceX thinks there might be some foul play involved regarding its most recent Falcon 9 explosion. That's some interesting news I'll certainly be staying tuned to. Rogue One is still the upcoming science fiction f

Show Review: Westworld

Delicious. Just finished watching the series premiere of HBO's Westworld, and all I can say is that I'm on board. The production quality, the casting quality, the network quality, it's all apparent to me. And when you combine those aforementioned elements with a solid concept, magic can happen. I actually like that the story starts ever so slightly on the slow side. Especially if this series is going to live up to its hype, what's the rush? I have no gripes. The only gripe that comes to mind is no gripe at all. When elements of science fiction are explained, even briefly, in layman's terms, I tend to get annoyed. But the show isn't for the "1%" of sci fi fluency (forgive me for tooting my ow

eBay Is My Friend

Easy come, easy go, that pay day does! Made a few MTG additions today, mostly Kaladesh cards I needed for my "Abzan Ayli" build. I think the deck can straight beat down, in addition to pulling off a sweet combo. Because the only thing better than a game plan, is two game plans! The cards will trickle in next week, and you can bet next Friday night's blog post will be about how the deck did at an FNM. Wish me luck! -A.C.H. Image: Nissa, Nature's Artisan | Will Murai/Wizards of the Coast

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