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Movie Review: Rogue One

Inhale...Now Exhale...That, was a breath of fresh air. Sci fi air, and it smells so damn good. Best movie I've seen since Avatar. You know what I like? That Disney actually learns from their mistakes. They don't make them very often, and when they do, they emerge smarter, and stronger. I still think, with confidence, that J.J. did a great job, given the circumstances. I wouldn't be quick to pin Episode VII's shortcomings on Mr. Abrams, but where The Force Awakens fell short, Rogue One triumphed. The film succeeds in character development, emotional investments, in addition to all things Star Wars, and it's the combination of good story telling with sound Star War-ish elements that really pus

My Interview With Fanbase Press

I connected with Fanbase Press Editor-In-Chief Barbra Dillon recently to discuss my debut science fiction novel, "Dawn of Legaia" as well as L.A.'s newest comic con, The Comic Excitement Convention, where I'll be a featured guest, Jan 14th and 15th at the L.A. Convention Center. Fanbase Press will be exhibiting there as well, and tickets to the event are now available on Eventbrite. I hope I'll have an opportunity to do a quick lap around the con and see all the goodies for myself. (Probably not gonna happen!) Here's a link to My Interview With Fanbase Press. Dawn of Legaia goes live 1/11/17, and as one would expect, I'm beyond excited. -A.C.H. Image: Fanbase Press

Today's Featured Indie Book Review On Kirkus!

It's Me! lol... I wasn't going to share this review until mid-to-late Jan., but after coming across this today by chance, I'm too excited not to talk about it. Here's a link to the full Dawn of Legaia Kirkus Review. Today's Featured Review is a tiny drop in the grand scheme of things, but many drops gather to form entire oceans! :D Book One of The Legaia Series, "Dawn of Legaia" launches 1/11/17. -A.C.H.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Lately, it's been all about Dawn of Legaia milestones, but I suppose this is a good problem to have. The ridiculous amount of hours I put in a couple weeks ago going over my exterior and interior files seems to have paid off, because the proof is in great shape! There'll be countless findings in the weeks to come (I certainly hope not!) and I'm definitely hoping friends, family, and readers will notify me if they find something funky, but for the most part, the alignment, formatting, spelling, grammar, etc., checks out. Here's a shot of the proof. Pretty much everything has been revealed at this point except the lower half of the back cover. There's something cool there, but I'm saving it. G

Dawn of Legaia - Cover Reveal & Launch Date

Authors spend months, sometimes years, compiling their words, in an effort to create something they can share with pride. So as I'm sure you can imagine, the decisions that go into that thick piece of paper that surrounds it all are neither quicker, nor easier. Dawn of Legaia's cover art has been in the works for years, dating all the way back to when Arotin (my concept artist) and I were reviewing conceptual sketches. The story board I put together for him, as well as the several concept sketches he drew before painting the Dawn of Legaia Concept Art, were all precursors to the Final Version of Dawn of Legaia's Cover Art as you're seeing it today. Personally, I freakin' love it. The final d

The State of Sci Fi: 12/5/16

I've enjoyed following the tales of Westworld's Hosts and "Gods", even though at times it felt like the showrunners were doing nothing more than settling a bet based on how many timelines and flashbacks they could incorporate into a show without getting desecrated. All in all, Westworld is a pretty amazing science fiction television series that I, for one, am certainly looking forward to seeing more of in Season 2. Passengers? Maybe. Rogue One? Most Definitely! I think I might even have a weekday off after my company's holiday party that I can use to take my latest dose of Star Wars medicine, and that sounds like a damn good idea to me. I've got some pretty major Comic Excitement and Dawn of

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