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Movie Review: Warcraft

I tend to make these film reviews spoiler free, but this time, I'd like to point out a few examples of why I thought Warcraft kicked ass. Especially since the film was far from a success, financially and critically. That said, :::Spoiler Alert!::: Since the last Warcraft game I played was during an era of Voodoo GPU's, I'm not coming to you as a die-hard World of Warcraft player. Just a freakish fan of science fiction in all formats, and apparently, as of late, fantasy fiction as well. Whether or not gamers liked it is a different story that I haven't looked into, because when considering a film's impact or success, I like to look at how it did and what it was across the board, and not just

Dawn of Legaia's Kindle Countdown Deal

Since the Dawn of Legaia eBook is currently available exclusively on Amazon, I get to have some cool promos, and one of those promos, is Amazon's Kindle Countdown Deal. For 7 days, the Dawn of Legaia eBook will be on sale. I get a shot in the arm, exposure wise (drugs are bad, mmmkay...) and readers get a pretty friggin awesome sci-fi story to read, for pennies on the dollar! One big, happy, science fiction family. Below, you'll find the exact dates, times, and price-points of the promotion, in case you'd like to take advantage of this limited-time sci-fi-offering. 2/10/17 at 5AM (PST) - $0.99 2/11/17 at 9PM (PST) - $1.99 2/13/17 at 1PM (PST) - $2.99 2/15/17 at 5AM (PST) - $3.99 2/17/17 at 1

Movie Review: iBoy

Browsing Netflix yesterday, I came across iBoy. One view of the trailer and I thought to myself, "I'm definitely watching this." The film takes place in a not-so-nice British inner-city. A semi-dweeby young adult named Tom is shot in the head while attempting to escape some drug-dealing goons. Not only does he survive, but he gains the ability to see, control, and manipulate digital data. Something as simple as being able to read your text messages from across the room, to burning a hole in your pocket and even kinetic blast waves that drain him for a while, but also annihilate anything nearby. iBoy is the type of movie a small handful of sci-fi fans will appreciate, while most will find it

Movie Review: Midnight Special

Iiiii, Like It! I reached out to the Twitterverse a couple days ago, asking for an older or obscure sci-fi movie suggestion. Oddly enough, a day or two later, Midnight Special came on. I decided to check it out, and I'm damn glad that I did. Midnight Special is an urban/realistic style film, like an Arrival, except where Arrival sucked, Midnight Special Didn't! (lawlz...) Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the alien races and plasma pistols, too, but it's nice to venture to this side of the sci-fi spectrum and be rewarded for it. The story is about a very special young boy with some incredible supernatural abilities. As he and his family are on the run, members of the cult they're from, as we

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