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Movie Review: Passengers

If your gut is telling you to see a movie, you should see it. Critics help, and so do the masses, but at the end of the day, nobody knows what you like better than you do, and the only person that can confirm that for you, is you. I'm so glad I watched Passengers last night, because even though the general consensus was meh's, hmm's, and haw's, I freakin' loved it! It was a sci-fi fiesta! An android bartender, and stasis bays, and infinity pools with views of the cosmos, and J-Law! And a fusion-reactor room that powers a cosmic cruise ship! Muy delicioso! Is the story narrow? Maybe. Is the ending boring? Probably. (And that's just me talking, others might think quite differently, including y

Movie Review: Logan

Itching to catch a flick this past weekend, I decided I'd watch Logan after a delicious sit-down Mexican lunch at one of my favorite spots. When I got to the theatre, I was pleasantly surprised to learn they sold beer, wine, a wider array of food than most, and even had large, reclining seats, so it was #winning from the get go. I'm a big fan of the X-Men franchise in general, so I look forward to most of these films, despite the entire Disney vs Fox Marvel Character rights debacle. :::Spoiler Alert::: (Look away now if you're dodging the details, for secrets shall soon be divulged!) As much as I hated to see both Professor X as well as Wolverine leave us, I felt this film was made uber soli

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