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Top 7 Sci-Fi Films of 2017

It was looking pretty ugly, until Q4 came around and smacked us across the face with a flurry of sci-fi strikes (and a fantasy karate chop here and there). Without putting Too much thought into it (in an effort to refrain from driving myself mad) I will play the Halo 5 OST and rattle 'em off—7 of my favorite science fiction films of 2017. Honorable Mention: Ghost In The Shell I'm not happy about how this film went down, but for the most part, I get it. 3 Japanese Producers (if I'm not mistaken, but forgive me if I am) put a stoic flair on this film that simply didn't jive with American audiences. Perhaps this makes the film more authentic in some way, more like the manga, etc., but Ghost In

Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi recognizes that status quo is failure, and pushes the envelope to create an instant Star Wars classic. I typically purchase my movie tickets about a week in advance, but I guess one week isn't enough for an installment in the Star Wars saga. When I tried to buy tix, all the good seats were gone! And since I'm a stickler on theatre type, seat location, etc., I had to wait a hot minute to see The Last Jedi. (I actually ended up seeing it spur-of-the-moment while Christmas shopping with the wifey, and since others were busy doing the same, the matinee showing I caught only had 4 other people in it! #winning.) I'm gonna try to take a subject that's complicated, and simplify it be

Movie Review: Bright

In Bright, David Ayer combines a near-future Los Angeles with all your favorite fantastic beasts, creating a Netflix original sci-fi fantasy hit. I watched the Netflix original film 'Bright' this past holiday weekend, and was quite relieved by how much I enjoyed the film. I liked the plausible tone of the movie. (Plausible as can be as far as Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragons, and Centaurs are concerned.) Joel Edgerton's Orc character tugs at the heart strings, and Will Smith's performance is expectedly solid. I especially enjoy the super-urban undertones in Ayer’s films. The graffiti, the score and soundtrack selection, etc. I was part of the minority that actually enjoyed Suicide Squad, so I’m

Reflections On My First Year As A Science Fiction Author

2017 is coming to an end, and while I'm sad to see it go, I'm exponentially more excited about everything 2018 will bring. As a gnarly psytrance mix plays through my sound bar, I ponder what an awesome year 2017 has been. For starters, I published the science fiction novel I had been working on (on-and-off) for roughly five years. I'll never forget the satisfaction I felt when a postal worker walked into my day job's office and handed me the small, book-shaped cardboard box that held Dawn of Legaia's first proof copy. After months of working on its cover design with hired help, and years of combing through its words, it was real. Just days after its official launch, I attended my first con

Movie Review: What Happened To Monday

What Happened To Monday ain't a bad dystopian flick. That instantly means it ain't great, but not bad is better than a lot, and the film is worth a go. I waited several days as my FedEx-girlfriend "attempted" to deliver my new Vizio sound bar. After driving my happy ass to where it was being held and picking it up, I rushed home to set it up and give it a whirl. My better half played the trailer for 'What Happened To Monday" to which I replied, "Let's do it." I probably had a couple more grievances with the film than she did, being the science fiction addict that I am, but we both agreed the movie has a lot more pros than it does cons. Now, this may sound a bit ridiculous at first, but her

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