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Electric Dreams Show Review

Electric Dreams combines multiple subgenres of sci-fi in an anthology that brings Philip K. Dick's short stories to life in spectacular fashion. The first thing I'll tell you right off the bat is that if you've seen Black Mirror and would rate the series at a 6/10 or higher, drop everything you're doing and start watching the entirety of Amazon's Electric Dreams. Personally, I feel as though to say this collection of sci-fi short stories adapted to visual format was a treat that I will not be forgetting about anytime soon. Being the Blade Runner fanboy that I am, the majority of this show has been exactly the type of science fiction story I seek. (Shout out to Minority Report for being prett

10 Must-See Sci-Fi Films of 2018

Sci-fi junkies...Rejoice! A new year brings us new science fiction for the silver screen. Here are ten of the most exciting big-budget sci-fi movies for 2018 and their release dates. Black Panther (February 16) I'll admit, the trailers have done a good job establishing Black Panther as something a little bit different than our comic book hero movies of the past. The aesthetic, the soundtrack, it's all grown on me each time I've seen the previews for this film. (Most recently, just a few days ago before seeing The Shape of Water.) I enjoyed the world of Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok, and I'm excited to see if Black Panther's technologically-advanced nation of Wakanda will be just as, if not more s

The Shape of Water Movie Review

The Shape of Water is an artistic period film that aims to redefine what's socially acceptable, with great acting and even a dash of sci-fi. (I'm a Michael Shannon fan from his Boardwalk Empire days. Richard Jenkins and Sally Hawkins do a fine job as well.) My box office options over the weekend were The Shape of Water and Jumanji. I'm glad I opted for the former. The Shape of Water is a beautifully crafted period piece directed by Guillermo del Toro that combines hints of music, dancing, art, theatre, "atypical" love, and even a fantastic semi-humanoid merman sea creature. It's a diverse and multifaceted film that can either please a narrow audience multiple ways, or somewhat appeal to a br

Rivals of Ixalan Vampire Deck

Magic: The Gathering's newest set "Rivals of Ixalan" has arrived, making now a much better time to play Ixalan's tribal decks. Vampires, Pirates, Dinosaurs, and Merfolk, Oh My! Prior to MTGRIX, I was playing a home-brewed artifact tokens deck built around Sram's Expertise. It even brought me a 1st place finish at a Standard Showdown. But Orzhov has always been one of my favorite guilds, so I think now's the time to build a vampire deck that has the potential to be competitive in organized play. My vampire list in its current state doesn't focus too heavily on one strategy. There are other lists out there that focus on aggro, tokens, the ascend mechanic, and lifegain. But rather than limiting

Cyberpunk Evolution: How Sci-Fi's Hottest Subgenre Is Progressing

Cyberpunk 2077's Twitter account tweets the word "beep" after years of silence and breaks the internet. Blade Runner 2049, despite its mediocre box office performance, is praised by critics and movie-goers alike, and is arguably the best film of 2017. Netflix's new cyberpunk series Altered Carbon is already making waves ahead of its February 2nd release date. And Amazon's Philip K. Dick based Electric Dreams series is getting positive reactions from viewers, while simultaneously being compared to the hit sci-fi series Black Mirror. The lesson here? Cyberpunk is hot! What started a few decades ago as a niche science fiction subgenre, has become a cornerstone of speculative fiction in multiple

Magic: The Gathering - Banned And Restricted Announcement (Updated: July 2018)

July 2018 Update: Although Magic's Standard Constructed Format sees no changes with the latest round of bannings, the same cannot be said for Legacy players. Deathrite Shaman and Gitaxian Probe are banned in Legacy effective July 6th, 2018. (For Magic Online: July 5th, 2018) When any deck within its respective format achieves a win-rate well over 50% for a sustained length of time, that's when Magic: The Gathering's R&D team takes a step back and begins to consider stepping in to make a change. For some while now, Grixis Delver decks using Deathrite Shaman have been the most popular Magic Online Legacy deck. And at Grand Prix Birmingham, 11 out of the top 16 decks were running all four copie

PanFuture Podcast Ep 81 - 2017 Sci-Fi Wrap-Up w/ A.C. Hachem

I had the pleasure of chatting with the PanFuture Society Podcast again recently. Every several months or so, Sean and I connect to discuss sci-fi, film, and the future. In the show's 81st episode, we primarily debate sci-fi's box office winners and losers of 2017. We also touch upon my current literary project, a political cyberpunk thriller set in 2113, and top it all off with some philosophical ramblings and what we're looking forward to in 2018's science fiction movies. (A lot of the movies we discuss are the same films listed in my Top 7 Sci-Fi Films of 2017 blog post.) We made sure to exchange opinions on our cyberpunk favorites, the visually stunning films of the year, as well as the

Gearin' Up For Rivals of Ixalan

Rivals of Ixalan's official release date is Friday, January 19th, 2018, and I have not one, but Two decks in the works, lookin' to compete. I usually don't work on more than one standard constructed deck at a time, since building One legit deck is daunting enough, but for #MTGRIX, I've decided to take another stab at my Locust-God-powered Jeskai Control build from a few moons ago, as well as a competitive Vampires build. In a few weeks or so, good Vampire lists will probably be readily available online, but I like the idea of tinkering with and testing my own design first. We already had a Vamper Monastery Mentor, as well as a Vamper Brutal Hordechief, and I think the addition of a Vampire a

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