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Netflix's Mute: The Pseudo Sci-Fi Head Scratcher That Could Have Been

Netflix has a new sci-fi drama starring Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Rudd, and Justin Theroux. And even with all that star power in the kitchen, Mute is cinematic gumbo that’s undercooked and overseasoned. (Light spoilage ahead, kinda-sorta, but I hope it doesn’t matter because this one’s a bust, lol.) Now, I'm gonna start with the pros, cause there were a few pros in this film. First and foremost, the world building is pretty awesome. I'll even go so far as to say the science fiction cityscape that's portrayed in Netflix's Mute is even better, “realer-feeling”, and more appealing than Altered Carbon's. I still don't like the usage of neon lights. We're not going to be using neon lights in the

Altered Carbon Episode 1 Show Review

Altered Carbon's first episode combines Blade Runner's awe with The Matrix's firepower and peppers it with Tarantino-esque artistry to deliver a quality cyberpunk debut. Daddy like...Sat down with vino, pizza, and Netflix last night to bask in cyberpunk glory, and it was an evening very well spent if you ask me. The first episode of this new sci-fi Netflix series is titled, "Out of the Past", and it introduces us to futuristic law enforcement officers, technologically advanced weaponry, and holograms galore. Most importantly, it's a world in which your consciousness and memories can be downloaded onto a disk which is then implanted into the neck of a new body. A world in which you can be bor

Geostorm Movie Review

The interwebz thinks Geostorm sucks big lemons, but I'm here to say, "Hey! Not So Fast..." Geostorm is palatable. Its shortcomings are evident and numerous, yes, but the film is no where near as bad as a true cinematic flop or broken movie due to wild directing and editing. It's closer to a 6.5 or 7 out of 10, which is quite a bit higher than where its current ratings are at. We're all spoiled by mega-productions created by visionary directors, and we have to remind ourselves that it's okay for a film to be good and not great, and that being so doesn't warrant being trashed. Don't forget the entire movie in and of itself is about a touchy subject, and shame on anybody that flagrantly downvot

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