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Downsizing Presents Us With a Strange Merger of Awe and Humor, and Somehow Pulls It Off.

Have you ever seen a film that felt like it was being pulled in two, vastly different directions? While watching the movie Downsizing starring Matt Damon and Kristen Wig, there were moments when I found myself hypnotized by the film's forward-thinking humanitarian grandeur. Just a few moments later, I'd be laughing out loud at Hong Chau's character's brashness. Audience reactions to Downsizing are very mixed. Frankly, the film possesses witty comedy that will only be appreciated by some and not others. Personally, I enjoyed the light sci-fi/comedy quite a bit. However, I do see some of its faults, and definitely see why a movie like Downsizing can only draw niche appeal. (Remember: Not every

Black Panther Is A Deeper, Richer Marvel Comics Movie

Black Panther, a Marvel Studios blockbuster, is a rich and layered superhero movie deserving of every ounce of box office success that's come its way. Some films captivate you from the first frame. Some films are hit and miss, and other movies fail to engage the masses on some sort of physical, emotional, or spiritual level. Personally, it took me about 5-to-10 minutes to really get into Black Panther, but once I was there, it was smooth sailing till the credits rolled. There were a lot of cinematic areas in which Black Panther used winning elements. When it went for success with the fundamental aspects, it succeeded, and when it played with fringe elements, visuals, and concepts, it succeed

Annihilation Is 2018's Intelligent But Socially Awkward Letdown

Annihilation had all the right core ideas, but some funky scripting, acting, and cheap decisions added more weight to the film than its legs could bear. I approached Annihilation with high hopes. After all, the novel series was quite successful and adored. I'll start with what I liked about Annihilation, since those seem to be few and far in between. I thought Natalie Portman's performance was solid. She's an Academy Award winning actress, so the caliber of her portrayal in this movie is no surprise. I also enjoyed the shimmer itself, and felt the parties involved in creating the shimmer's aesthetic did a pretty darn respectable job. Personally, it took me close to an hour to become invested

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