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Magic: The Gathering's Dominaria Set Brings Powerful New Cards and Plenty of Nostalgia

Wizards of the Coast takes us back to MTG's home plane, and with a new set comes new speculation, new brews, and new ponderings on the state of Standard Constructed. Dominaria's Prerelease is this weekend, and the release of the set is just a week away. Players, collectors, and traders have been wondering for weeks now how the new set will impact Magic: The Gathering's various formats. Especially because Dominaria's spoiler season was slightly different than spoilers of past sets, because almost the entire set was leaked prematurely. As a result, players have had even more time to sift through Dominaria's new cards, features, and abilities. Personally, I've been combing through Dominaria's c

Lost In Space's Episode 1 Is Better Than Good

Lost In Space's debut episode covers most of the spectrum. The stakes are high, and the surroundings are dangerous. Prepare to be engaged! I'm fresh off the heels of the premier episode of Netflix's Lost In Space reboot, and my satisfaction with the episode is high. It's very high. The show chugged along at a respectable pace, leaving very few moments in which I wanted to look at my mobile device. It was engaging from a story-telling stand point, as well as a visual one. It's one disaster after another, when the Robinson family's pod comes in contact with space debris, causing their ship to abort its landing procedure and crash-land on a nearby Earth-like planet. Freakishly Earth-like, actua

Ready Player One Plays It Safe w/ Light, Nostalgic, Action-Packed Fun.

Ready Player One is a fun treat for most, and an entertaining, nostalgic buffet for lifelong gamers. Enter, The Oasis: Ready Player One's virtual haven for those seeking an alternate reality to exist in. It's a colorful VR spectacle full of games and gamers of all kinds. I've been a gaming enthusiast myself since I got my grubby little paws on a Nintendo Entertainment System, and it's been a love affair ever since. Although the Atari 2600 was a bit before my time, Mario and I were like brothers from another mother, and I've spent enough time on Duck Hunt, Tiger Heli, Top Gun, Excite Bike, Paper Boy, Skate or Die, Contra, and countless others, to have an undergraduate degree in Nintendo. From

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