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Westworld's Season 2 Finale Is A Metaphysical Soiree

Westworld's "The Passenger" Episode Concludes Season 2 with Hosts Fighting Humans as well as One Another, as they Seek Life in The Valley Beyond. :::spoiler alert::: The sun has set in Westworld (for now) and some of fandom is left with mixed feelings. Not only in regards to Season 2, Episode 10, but also the second season and entire series as a whole. With each of Westworld's robotic bulls and computerized culminations came more confusion, a lot of head scratching, rushed storyline, and more questions than answers. Most Westworld fans are quick to sing the show's praises, but what kind of science fiction reviewer would I be if I left it at that without exploring the show's highs and lows. E

Banning Goblin Chainwhirler: Standard Constructed Speculation Ahead of Core Set 2019

I've visited quite a few local gaming stores these past couple weeks, and most Magic players seem to agree: Dominaria's Goblin Chainwhirler is cramping our style! I wish Wizards of the Coast was a bit more proactive with their research and development. Why create a card that drastically neuters an entire archetype of deck? No one goblin should have all that power! Personally, I've been playing Steel Leaf Stompy lately, and most recently, Temur Control with Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar as my curve-topper. My current deck doesn't mind Goblin Chainwhirler, actually, because my 2x copies of Champion of Wits can be Eternalized, and my 4x copies of Ripjaw Raptor would love to be pinged. But this MTG

Solo: A Star Wars Story Goes All-In On Feel-Good Fun, But Grossly Overplays Its Hand.

More Than Chips and Ships At Stake - Disney gambles with one of the biggest names in science fiction, and gets felted. Suddenly, Solo: A Star Wars Story is potentially the worst performing Star Wars film on record, and it's no shocker as to why. It's with a heavy sci-fi heart that I have to write this Solo: A Star Wars Movie review, because I was so hopeful that the accomplishments achieved with Rogue One could be replicated with Solo. That, however, was not the case. We should probably start with the good, since there's a lot less of that to talk about than there is the bad. I think one of the biggest issues people had with Solo was the replacement of Harrison Ford. I think some fans of the

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