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Core Set 2019 Elves Deck

This Standard Constructed Elves List Is My Favorite Tribal Build Since I Was Playing Mardu Warriors In Khans Block! The forests of Dominaria are teeming with small, pointy-eared citizens whose will and might greatly exceeds their size and stature. Elf Druids, Scouts and Warriors, and even a few Shamans and Artificers. Elves of all kinds spanning eight Magic: The Gathering sets have come together to form one solid MTG Elves deck. To be honest, I haven't felt this confidently about a Standard Constructed deck in several months, (one that I've built, that is) since I took down a Standard Showdown with a home-brewed Orzhov Servos deck. In Dominaria, I was playing a Golgari Stompy deck, and altho

Rememory Is A Light Sci-Fi Hidden Gem!

Peter Dinklage & Anton Yelchin star in this under-the-radar science fiction murder mystery, representing the light sci-fi sub-genre masterfully. Rememory has come out of nowhere to delightfully please me, and in this blog post, I'm going to touch upon some of the reasons why. For my #instafam that are looking for quick-hit opinions on films: 8.75 out of 10. There...There's your short movie review. Go watch it! But if you prefer to savor your meals instead of just wolfing them down, read on to learn more about this light science fiction film distributed by Lionsgate Premiere—(one of the last films to feature our young Chekov from Star Trek, Anton Yelchin before his passing.) Rememory was rele

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