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Aquaman Is The First Step In The Long Journey Ahead For Warner Bros & DC Comics

Tasteful world building and colorful grandeur give Aquaman a desperately needed win for Warner Bros' DC Comics cinematic universe. In a previous post, I mentioned having plans to see Aquaman in IMAX 3D. Those plans changed upon stepping foot into the designated theatre, as the seating looked like it was out of the 90's and was packed tighter than flying coach on a budget airline. Swapping my movie tickets for a later, non-3D showing with leather recliners was definitely the right call. But I wanted to mention this switch to make any reader of this review aware of my cinematic choices, as the IMAX 3-D version may have been quite a bit more visually appealing, given Aquaman's Avatar-esque vi

Mortal Engines Is No Home Run, But A Nod-Worthy Triple

Peter Jackson's adaptation of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines can raise an eye brow or two, but its beauty lies at its core of fundamental storytelling success supplemented by awe-inspiring visuals. Definitely a solid cinematic combination. Mortal Engines' traction cities hit the ground running in an engaging opening scene, as a small mining town on wheels is chased down by London, the largest traction city of them all. Among the bevy of compliments I can give Mortal Engines, is praise for its ability to not only engage the viewer, but hold that engagement. I found myself biting on the top of my soda straw during most of the film's action sequences, and sometimes in between them, too. If Peter

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