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July 30, 2017

The Bad News: My UR Control homebrew got decimated this passed Thursday.

The Good News: I converted the deck into a Jeskai Control deck, which allowed me to utilize Irrigated Farmland, as well as a few other awesome cards in Blessed Alliance, Cast Out, and Linvala. The Result? 3 m...

July 27, 2017

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation takes place this weekend in Kyoto, Japan. And since we already have an SCG Open under our belts from this Standard season, we'll know by next week what Magic the Gathering's Standard Constructed Format is truly looking like.

(Personally, I like it wh...

October 1, 2016

Easy come, easy go, that pay day does! Made a few MTG additions today, mostly Kaladesh cards I needed for my "Abzan Ayli" build. I think the deck can straight beat down, in addition to pulling off a sweet combo. Because the only thing better than a game plan, is two game plans!


September 28, 2016

You weren't the easiest card to utilize. It took 5 mana just to get you into play. But when I drew cards, you doubled them for me, and when I gained life, you doubled that for me, too. Alhammarret's Archive is the card I will miss the most as far as this Standard Constructed Rota...

September 23, 2016

As with anything else I attempt, I'm constantly striving for improvement. As far as Magic the Gathering is concerned, the best I've been able to do was finishing 4th out of about a dozen Friday Night Magic players. The deck I was playing at the time was Mardu Warriors, and I coul...

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