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October 25, 2016

These past couple weeks have been bananas. Between dealing with a family emergency, painting my soon-to-be apartment, and editing like crazy, while trying my best to keep kicking ass at my day job, it's been a hectic 14 days, no doubt.

Some good news! This last week of editing has...

August 21, 2016

The creative process is often times as mysterious as the creations themselves. It fascinates me, the different methods and settings people use when working or creating art. I'm certain there are science fiction writers out there that have quirky rituals or necessities when it com...

August 7, 2016

I've never seen more conflicting reviews for a film than what's floating around the web right now for Suicide Squad. On one hand, you have people upset about its maturity rating, reports of studio interference compromising the film, and people taking jabs at the director, while o...

August 5, 2016

August in my neck of the woods typically involves bikinis, board shorts, and cold beers. But if you're more like me, your agenda looks quite different.

I may or may not find a new FNM to stroll into. My wizard hands are itching for some Magic, but I also have too many other things...

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