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January 2, 2020

Geralt of Rivia is basically an emo, beefcake ass-kicker with a solid moral compass. People pay him to vanquish beasts, manimals, and oversized bugs on their behalf, but what's interesting about Geralt is that he won't just take any job or do just anything for compensatio...

February 20, 2017

I tend to make these film reviews spoiler free, but this time, I'd like to point out a few examples of why I thought Warcraft kicked ass. Especially since the film was far from a success, financially and critically. That said, :::Spoiler Alert!:::

Since the last Warcraft game...

September 28, 2016

You weren't the easiest card to utilize. It took 5 mana just to get you into play. But when I drew cards, you doubled them for me, and when I gained life, you doubled that for me, too. Alhammarret's Archive is the card I will miss the most as far as this Standard Constructed Rota...

September 23, 2016

As with anything else I attempt, I'm constantly striving for improvement. As far as Magic the Gathering is concerned, the best I've been able to do was finishing 4th out of about a dozen Friday Night Magic players. The deck I was playing at the time was Mardu Warriors, and I coul...

September 7, 2016

As the Kaladesh spoilers continue to come in, I can't help but think about my home-brew, and how I can make it better using cards from the next block, which will be released 9/30/16.

I still have my eyes set on Ayli. Ideally, I would like to build either an Orzhov or Abzan deck ar...

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