Dawn of Legaia concept art portraying Los Angeles in 2083.

A.C. Hachem's Debut Science Fiction Novel,

Dawn of Legaia (Book One of The Legaia Series)

On Legaia, The Androids Dream Of

Much More Than Just Electric Sheep

Los Angeles, 2083: Twenty-two-year-old prodigy of science Monte Cizek has just been tasked with discovering a new energy system that can sustainably power Legaia, the Earth’s first orbiting space colony. With the help of his mentor, Legaia’s project lead Dr. Randal Porter, and Nate, the world’s most advanced conscious android robot, Monte must overcome the obstacles that stand between him and Legaia’s success. At the core of his frustration is L.A. business mogul Richard Hurlocke, whose greed and collusion send the fate of Legaia, and humanity, spiraling toward chaos.​​

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What Amazon reviewers are saying:
"A page turner till the end and then some...I became very attached to the characters...I will definitely be looking for the sequel which isn't coming fast enough."
"You will have trouble putting it down...Really exciting read and easy to follow story-line."
"I gobbled this book down like it was chocolate. Can't wait for the next in the series."

"The author does a great job with detail that lets you easily picture the story as it is happening."
"One of the better science fiction stories I have read in a long time...A very fun and intriguing read that will have you on the edge of your seat till the very end!"
"A fantastic sci-fi novel that will have you googling when the sequel comes out as soon as you finish it."
"The tech is authentic, and snarky exchanges between the main ensemble keep you smiling throughout their conversations."
"This book was everything I was looking for, action, sci fi, philosophy, even a little romance. The world building put you on a front seat view of the world in Legaia."
From the Author:
There seems to be a lot of talk these days about leaving our home planet for a new one, as well as the world of artificial intelligence/automation. While we brace ourselves for the next chapter of human existence, Dawn of Legaia explores the possibilities associated with these technological developments, without forgetting about their most pivotal puzzle piece.
The human condition.

Editorial Reviews:

"An expansive tale, despite its focus on one character, that offers trendy tech and substantial back story for a planned series."


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