Book Review: Destined by Jordan Pinckney and Will Lenzen Jr

Destined Cover Art: Book One of the Blood Games Trilogy

I had the pleasure of meeting Will Lenzen Jr recently via the interwebs, and as a result, he is now part of my "Writer's Circle of Trust".

My autographed copy of Destined has made many trips with me to various coffee shops all over greater L.A., and today I'm going to be giving you my take on this debut novel.

Before I go any further, I will preface this post by stating that my current speculative fiction diet consists of new-adult and adult content. Reading, writing, film, it doesn't matter. I'm not big on content for young adults because...I am not a young adult.

That said, if you do enjoy this category or happen to be a young adult, then hear this. Destined is a science fiction & fantasy novel whose primary setting is a small farm in the near future. And without giving away any of the delicious goodies you have to read and earn, this story leaves you satisfied in the short term, and craving the sequel.

The pieces of the Leana puzzle come together beautifully, as she learns why her childhood played out the way that it did, and why she has funky dreams and gnarley headaches. The last several chapters of her adventure are nail-bitingly wonderful, and are sure to leave any SFF junkie nodding in approval.

I am very excited about how this story, as well as these writers, are going to become even more potent with maturation. Hats off to Jordan and Will for bringing us a fresh story that's still grounded in fundamental SFF.

The sequel might be much less urban and much more hard SFF, so if that's your shtick, I urge you to pick up a copy of Destined, and brace yourself.


Image: Destined Productions

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