The State of Sci Fi: 7/31/16

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, and other members of the Marvel Universe.

I'd like to post once a week and share my thoughts on that week's "state of scifi". Sometimes as it applies to me, as well as information about things that may have transpired that week or pretty recently as far as the world of science fiction (and fantasy) is considered across multiple platforms. The first thing that comes to mind is Marvel's decision to make the third Avengers film a single film. Thank Goodness somebody in Hollywood is drinking their coffee.

The Avengers movies, although short of groundbreaking, are consistent, high-quality, and entertaining. I've enjoyed both of them (I think the first slightly more than the second) and I'm glad Marvel opted to put the knife down, avoiding Mockingjay-esque self-inflicted wounds. I really would have lost respect for the Avengers brand as a whole had they gone the former route. So good job, Marvel.

Eldritch Moon, the newest Magic the Gathering set was released recently, and although I had pre-ordered a play set (4 copies) of "Tree of Perdition" to incorporate into my favorite deck, I haven't even had the time to hit up a So Cal FNM (Friday Night Magic) and play. Which sucks. But as one human being that has yet to figure out how to create multiple copies of himself, this will simply have to be the case for the next couple weeks. Another thing I'm really starting to jones for is first person shooters, as I haven't played a video game in months now, and the cravings are worsening.

Even though I'm a certified science fiction junkie, I still wait for the crowds to die down a bit before I go to the cinema to catch a flick, so in the next week or two I'll definitely be seeing Star Trek Beyond and sharing my thoughts on that. Game of Thrones is the only SFF show I truly watch (religiously) and these past couple of days, rumors have been swirling about there only being two seasons left. Which is fine. Because there will be more. It may be called something else, and be based somewhere else or on some other people, but I have a hard time believing HBO is going to take one of the greatest thing to ever hit television in modern times and bury it. Idontinkso.

It's hard to stay on top of Star Wars news, with so many new films in the works, but let's all just hope that at least the spin-off films will cater to the core fans more than Episode VII did. Profits are priority number one, yeah, we get it. But I don't see any reason why Disney can't swing both, especially with half a dozen freakin' films in the funnel. My coffee is getting cold and my dog is looking at me like she's going to eat my toes if I don't feed and walk her soon, so until next time, my fellow scifi junkies.

August is a slow month in life, generally speaking, as most folks are traveling or firing up grills and just unwinding a bit. But I'll keep bringing you my thoughts on the state of scifi, and if you ever want to chat about the ever-expanding world of genre-fiction, feel free to holler at me on twitter @achachem. -A.C.H.

Image: Marvel

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