Celebrating The Little Things

A knight in armor lifting his sword as the sun sets.

The larger tasks or accomplishments relating to the arts (and perhaps life in general) are typically few and far in between. So when it comes to anything and everything pertaining to my science fiction, I tend to savor the small stuff. I believe I'm 99% certain I've finalized the names for books two and three in the Legaia Trilogy.

The debut novel, "Dawn of Legaia" will have at least two sequels. (Whose names are currently my little secret, tee-hee.) It feels good to have names for these titles, even if they may be years away from publication, because they're simply another piece of your craft that's one step further along in the process of going from conceptualization to actualization.

Concurrently, I'm in the process of working with graphics designers to design the word mark logo that will be used in conjunction with the debut title. It's exciting. I like it. Feels pretty cool when that visual arrives in your email inbox and you have a few seconds of ooh's and aah's. Whether your novels are published by large publishing houses, or your favorite indie-publishing outlets, there are plenty of opportunities for you to design content you can use to promote your work.

I hope you enjoy the processes as much as I do, because with each awesome banner, logo, etc., comes a small battle win in your creative war.


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