The Outer Limits of Genre Fiction

A futuristic sci-fi airplane prepares to touch down.

I'm sure there are plenty of other people in creative industries that, like me, wish their verticals cared for good art as much as they cared about good profits. "Superhero Fatigue" is the latest term I've heard describing the current state of the box office.

It's no secret, the entertainment industry currently resides in a warm cubbyhole filled with remakes, reboots, film franchises with several films too many, and a general sense of safety being far more important than artistic exploration.

This sucks, of course, as it gives consumers fewer/blander options. Bland and predictable. And every time a project comes along that breaks the expectations or swings trends in a new direction, it takes a freakin' decade or multiple decades before they've come to fruition.

Star Wars in and of itself, and most recently, Deadpool, proving a film can be good, and profitable, without falling into a mold of some sort, which prior to Deadpool's success, that mold would have been the general consensus that a good, modern-day film had to be rated PG-13.

How cool would it be if the majority of media entertainment companies out there incorporated more daring ideologies into their productions? Knowing full well they were doing it for the sake of art, and not profits? Maybe a rad speculative fiction film rated NC-17 is on the horizon?

I've never seen such a thing, but it sure would be interesting.


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