The Auditory Element

A colorful equalizer dancing to the beat of music.

The significance of music and its correlation with creation is something that, in my humble opinion, is acknowledged, but seldom embraced properly.

Tron Legacy, they got it. Lucas Film, they got it, too. But more often than not, I think its importance tends to be overlooked. I don't think I can blame it on a lack of adequate talent, cause we all know it's out there. It's more so a lack of priority, it seems.

Regardless of whether or not OSTs are up to par these days, music has had an absolutely huge impact on what I've created thus far, and it will continue to have an even deeper impact, as the creative side of me matures and diversifies.

I've been listening to tunes when I've been writing, before and after writing, while I'm thinking about writing when I'm driving, sometimes when I'm reading, and at a lot of other times. Biologically speaking, our sense of hearing has been key to our existence, and I think it's important that creators outside of the music industry, start to pay more serious attention to music's effect on creation within their respective industries.

Some of my go-to's have been EDM (it used to be called Electronica, you know...) and several of its sub-genres. Dubstep, chillstep, trance, and lately, hard trance/psytrance. The latter isn't nearly as popular as it used to be, and even then, never saw the main stream, but every time I fire up the digital radio and set the channel to Astral Projection, I get wicked visions of action/fight sequences.

I'm also big on scores from genre fiction films or video games. The Halo OSTs have brought me much joy over the years. The Interstellar and Mass Effect 3 OSTs are pretty awesome, too.

John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Clint Mansell, Martin O'Donnell, so on and so forth. These genres and other ones like them have been at the forefront of my writing-related musical experiences, but my relationship with music has always been a polyamorous one.

Dare I say I enjoy music almost as much as I enjoy science fiction? I think I do.


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