Science Fiction-esque Weekend

August 5, 2016


August in my neck of the woods typically involves bikinis, board shorts, and cold beers. But if you're more like me, your agenda looks quite different.


I may or may not find a new FNM to stroll into. My wizard hands are itching for some Magic, but I also have too many other things on my mind and too many other things to do.


I'll definitely read a bit of, "Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror". How much I end up reading depends on how much coffee I throw down the hatch, lol.

Planning on seeing "Star Trek Beyond" now that the attention has shifted to "Suicide Squad" and I can enjoy my movie in peace. (more often than not, that's wishful thinking.)


I edited a chapter of text yesterday and want to continue the momentum if I can, so aside from reading reference material and catching a movie, I'm gonna try my best to get some wicked awesome editing in.


It'll be a busy weekend, between all this stuff, working, and hanging with my dog child, but I'm looking forward to it all.




Image: TarcherPerigee

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