Science Fiction-esque Weekend

August in my neck of the woods typically involves bikinis, board shorts, and cold beers. But if you're more like me, your agenda looks quite different.

I may or may not find a new FNM to stroll into. My wizard hands are itching for some Magic, but I also have too many other things on my mind and too many other things to do.

I'll definitely read a bit of, "Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror". How much I end up reading depends on how much coffee I throw down the hatch, lol. Planning on seeing "Star Trek Beyond" now that the attention has shifted to "Suicide Squad" and I can enjoy my movie in peace. (more often than not, that's wishful thinking.)

I edited a chapter of text yesterday and want to continue the momentum if I can, so aside from reading reference material and catching a movie, I'm gonna try my best to get some wicked awesome editing in.

It'll be a busy weekend, between all this stuff, working, and hanging with my dog child, but I'm looking forward to it all.


Image: TarcherPerigee

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