Creative Firestorm

Abstract art in which water collides with fire.

Creative writing breakthroughs are definitely cyclical phenomena.

We won't even get into writer's block because that's an evil I only wish upon my worst enemies, but the pink sponge in my head has been killin' it lately.

The smallest irregularities that take a story from great to good are being weeded out, and I think I may have conjured up how installment two is going to end. I'm emerging from a period of creative dormancy, so these editing advances and creative explosions are especially exciting for me, as I look for ways to build upon my story and my brand.

All artists strive to be good at shifting gears depending on their priorities. Sometimes a writer's main focus is, well, writing, while other times they may have to hone in on a more business related element of their craft.

Creation is the fun part, duh, but you simply have to do other things, too. Especially in 2016. Walk into any indie book store and the management will be quick to tell you, "The traditionally published authors come in here to schedule promotions just like the indie ones do."

Once you reach the top of the food chain, these matters are truly handled for you, but ya gotta get there first.

If I keep coming up with these dance-worthy concepts, we may actually make it there!


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