The State of Sci Fi: 8/7/16

Joker and Harley Quinn Suicide Squad movie poster.

I've never seen more conflicting reviews for a film than what's floating around the web right now for Suicide Squad. On one hand, you have people upset about its maturity rating, reports of studio interference compromising the film, and people taking jabs at the director, while on the other hand, articles are singing its praises and boasting about its record breaking box office metrics.

I feel like a rag doll being pulled in opposite directions by a couple of bratty toddlers. Kinda makes you wonder how much of the entertainment news we read is genuine, and how much of it is just marketing ploys and disinformation published by the competition. There have definitely been instances where I've enjoyed a film that wasn't rated too well, and instances where I thought a film was pretty weak relative to its ticket sales. I guess at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the only opinion you can really trust is your own.

Since August is prime vacay season, I'm finding it to be prime editing time. I'm enjoying putting another coat of wax on the ol' manuscript, and I think I definitely follow the George R.R. Martin ideology as far as rate of production is concerned, that states people won't remember how quickly you produced your work, but they will remember how good it was. And that's what makes taking your time very important. Within reason, of course.

I'm still finding myself having first person shooter withdrawals, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I have yet to play Halo 5, because the Halo franchise is my favorite video game ever, and I've gotta play them all. I think this Xbox One S might not be a bad idea for Halo 5 and my health's sake. Even though I'm a PC gamer that builds his own rigs.

August will entail plenty of search engine marketing studies in relation to my 9-5, which benefits the A.C. Hachem project just as much. It will also involve the completion of another draft of Dawn of Legaia, which will feel awesome. When the summer is over, I won't have done much partying, but I'll be quite satisfied with the other advancements I've made, and all that I've learned.


Image: Warner Bros.

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