Your Own Cosmos

A fictional night sky portraying multiple planets and moons.

As speculative fiction readers and writers, we all have our dietary preferences. Whether your favorite topics involve copper gears and steam power, or sea creatures entangled in bad weather, there's a niche for everybody.

But one of the most prominent components of science fiction specifically, is the dark and vast expense we see when we look up at the sky, after our host star has settled in for the evening. Fictitious planets, moons, and landscapes are everywhere in science fiction, and although I can't explain all the reasons why the cosmos are so prominent in sci fi, I can elaborate on one of my theories as to why.

We tend to enjoy stories about things we don't understand, or understand fully. And all the mystery associated with astronomy, cosmology, and astrophysics, makes space a wonderful component to incorporate into any genre fiction story.

I've even written poetry in the past that incorporated alien beaches, and crystals where the sand should be. Since my current literary project is more cyberpunky and less space-opera-ish, there's no planetary deviation. The world is as we know it to be, as far as the cosmos are concerned.

But I am looking forward to the future of my writing, where I'll be able to incorporate planets and moons that I've conjured up. Worlds with orange oceans, blue lava, and a host of other things I can't even wrap my head around right now, because it's 5pm on a Friday evening, and aside from this blog post, my focus lies more on dinner than it does creative speculation.

Sometimes I lose track of time navigating desktop wallpapers of sci fi space imagery. Screen shots of No Man's Sky are another great example of how wonderful the natural elements of science fiction settings can be.

The only thing more mesmerizing than the universe that surrounds us, is the universe as our imaginations see it.


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