Movie Review: Pixels

Video game poster made of blocks featuring Donkey Kong, Centipede, and Pac-Man.

Pixels was a cute film. Cuter than I expected it to be. Normally, trailers make films look better than they are, but in the case of Pixels, I ended up enjoying the film quite a bit more than I thought I was going to based on the trailers.

Additionally, I've never been a big fan of Adam Sandler movies. He's pretty consistent, I'll give him that, but since I was pretty much a kid, I've always thought his work was good ol' fun, but nothing great.

Pixels sprinkles that with some nostalgia, which helps boost the film's significance. Any fan of comedies and/or video games is sure to consider Pixels, at the very least, not time wasted.

Also helping Sandler's cause is the fact that the last movie I watched was Batman vs Superman, and, well, that's all that needs to be said about that.

Ultimately, I'm glad I watched Pixels. The CG isn't bad, and neither is the story. Dinklage adds some quality to the film and Monaghan's character certainly doesn't hurt either.

If you're under the impression this film is trash, and you're a fan of at least one of the two previously mentioned genres, I say go for it!


Image: Columbia Pictures

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