The State of Sci Fi: 8/15/16

No Man's Sky spaceships flying toward an alien planet.

Suicide Squad has seen a pretty drastic dip in its revenue. Lately, I've been reading a lot of articles talking about big movies that make a lot of money and are still considered failures. Between production budgets, advertising spend, and studio expectations, seems like 10 figures in the new status quo, and anything shy of that is uncivilized. :::says A.C. in a terrible British accent while pretending to smoke a tobacco pipe::: I'm looking forward to seeing both Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad, so that I can share my thoughts on them with you.

Saw a post on Facebook that someone had shared about Kevin Smith bashing a troll that had left a very rude comment on his daughter's IG account or something. I'm surprised he even acknowledged it. Then again, we have to keep in mind how much shit is flung in the direction of these people on a daily basis. They probably ignore 99 such instances for every 1 they snap at, but ultimately, as long as people in his shoes do a good job of setting the expectation on the front end, by letting their friends and family know, "Hey, I'm a public figure, and trolls will be trolls. Please disregard." I think they'll be alright.

50 years of Star Trek. That's pretty awesome. My favorite thing about these milestones are the events or conventions that are held to honor them, and the props that came out to play as a result. Every time I come across an elaborate reconstruction of the Enterprise's bridge, or a prop of similar size and scope, I start hopping up and down like a bunny lost on a carrot farm.

It's being suggested that PC gamers wait a few weeks before playing No Man's Sky, and more often than not, this is sound advice. The first few weeks after a video game is released on PC are full of glitches and patches, and you're better off saving your time and energy for far less frustrating game play. As long as those few weeks are Just a few weeks, and not a few months, which tends to be the case with EA releases sometimes. Remember that one game that was so broken, they stopped selling it and started issuing refunds for it? Ya. That's the kind of shit that really grinds my gears.

As far as Dawn of Legaia is concerned, we have yet another accomplishment to celebrate today. The font/typeface that will represent the Legaia Trilogy was finalized today. I'm sure more stylized versions will be produced for various purposes down the line, but finding a font or logo to represent your story is what I'm talking about when referring to celebrating the little things. One small win at a time, and before you know it, your story is no longer confined to one, as it floats among the aether for all to enjoy.


Image: Hello Games

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