Humans Are Friends, Not Food!

A science fiction robot soldier of the future.

There may come a day when targeted PSA's attempt to educate our android brethren as to why they should love us.

The good news is that I won't be here when it happens, haha. But seriously, I don't want future humans to experience a decrease in their quality of lives because Chappie and his homies are having a "purge" of their own. "There will be bylaws in place to prevent this sort of behavior, A.C." Asimov's Laws of Robotics, but for realsiez. And that's a cute concept that will work better in theory than it will in reality.

So I urge you, start a movement. An educational campaign. Teach your metallic brothers and sisters Why, they shouldn't harm their creators. Set a proper example, the way good parents do.

Will nature vs nurture come into play? And to what degree? Can human compassion overpower code? Can A.I. be ignorant? Is there a different between ignorance and a lack of data as far as robots are concerned? Is any of this even making any sense?

The sooner we start to contemplate these robotic hypothetical situations, the fewer humans will suffer at the hands of artificial intelligence. The last thing we should do is wait until a branch of speculative fiction transforms into a troublesome reality.

After all, organizations like A.E.T.H. (Androids for the Ethical Treatment of Humans) will only be able to do so much.


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