Five Years of Sci Fi

A fantasy forest containing illuminated plants and towers.

July marked 5 years since the inception of A.C. Hachem. Half a decade of some of the most fun I've ever had, as well as some of the most grueling trials and tribulations I've ever had to endure.

That's what passion does to you. Makes you reconsider what matters most. Slaps you across the face hard enough to knock you down. But you get back up every single time, because you want to, or need to, or don't know what else you can do.

Over the course of the past couple months, things have been ramping up pretty intensely as far as the entire project is concerned. A new site, a new blog, hunkering down on social media, working on graphics, logos, editing, making lots of new friends, and all sorts of other good things. Big announcements are coming. Bigger news. More often.

But I haven't forgotten why I'm doing this. And I haven't forgotten how to have fun while doing it. My story is so real to me, sometimes I forget it's only a story and not reality.

Writers write for their own reasons. I know what some of mine are. Some of it still a mystery and may always be. But when I go to the comic book shop, or browse photo galleries from comic cons, or watch groups of folks walk out of theatres right after a film has let out, and I see the joy on their faces as they hop, skip, and jump all around, reenacting their favorite scenes, or how intently a prospective book buyer scans the jacket, as they gauge whether or not a piece of literature is worthy of momentarily overtaking their soul, those are the moments that remind me of why half a decade of science fiction is only the tip of the iceberg.

How obsession may be fruitful, just how wonderful the human imagination can be, and why catering to its needs is of the utmost importance.


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