Movie Review: Suicide Squad

A colorful Suicide Squad poster featuring many of the film's characters.

Hats off to the production team behind Suicide Squad, and a big, fat, Shame On You, to the naysayers that tried to throw this film under the bus within its first week of release. We talked about this a few posts ago, and it just goes to show you how quickly bullshit can spread in the information age. But ultimately, your logic and your gut are the only ones that can really decipher the venom corporations fling at each other while chasing the almighty dollar.

If you haven't seen Suicide Squad yet, you owe it to yourself to see it. It's one of the only legit films to hit the screen this year, and whether you're a con-attending die-hard, or just a passive movie fan looking for a decent film to watch, this movie delivers.

(I strongly prefer to see films a few weeks after release, because gum smackers, popcorn crunchers, and chatty Cathys are the devil's work, and the only way I can keep from going Diablo on their asses myself, is to catch flicks when the crowds are thinner.)

The pacing is pretty on point, and the film does a really good job of catering to a wide demo. Even the branding elements associated with the film such as the colors, fonts, and advertising design have all been one, cohesive effort that has given the film its own, unique vibe. My gripes with this film are so minimal, and so trivial, that I'm not going to even bother bringing them up. I am a tough critic, and almost always leave a theatre heming and hawing over what I thought worked and what I thought didn't.

The three biggest characters probably delivered the three best performances (as it should be, right?) I was very pleased with the appearance of the characters as well as their surrounding elements. New-money Joker and Harley Quinn are a-okay with me. None of the films stylistic decisions bothered me one bit, and anything that deviated from the DC Universe norm was done pretty darn tastefully.

The state of this year's box office has been a bleak one, and I think the industry as a whole benefits when movie goers are pleased. I'm really glad I pushed myself to catch this one in theatres. Worth every penny and every minute, and if Jill and Jane end up in the row behind you and attempt to have full-blown conversations during the film (which is usually the case with my luck) don't be afraid to check em. Shushing burns calories, in conjunction with being the righteous thing to do.


Image: Warner Bros.

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