My 5 Favorite Sci Fi OST's

A vinyl record spins under colorful lights.

Hearing is believing. Wait, that's seeing...Well I like them both, okay! I'm no musician, but I sincerely enjoy a good soundtrack. Whether the music in question be a thrilling score, a somber melody, or a genre piece from mainstream music, the right song can really enhance any experience.

I'm fresh off the heels of Suicide Squad, and it was interesting how they meshed classic tunes with new ones, but here's a list of what I believe to be some of the best soundtracks from science fiction movies and video games.

5. Mass Effect 3 - I never got around to finishing the game, and I'm surprised how much I liked it for a 3rd person shooter, but I probably spent more time listening to the game's music than I actually spent playing the game. "I Was Lost Without You" has been ingrained into my soul, without a doubt. Oh, there's an extended version? Delicious!

4. Interstellar - This was a great film (funky, but great) and it had just as good of a soundtrack. The Interstellar OST (in conjunction with lots of hazelnut latte's) has fueled many of my writing stints. Pretty sure most would agree Hans Zimmer's place in the film scoring world is as solidified as it gets.

3. Tron: Legacy - Was the soundtrack made for the film, or was the film made for the soundtrack? I purchased the original OST as well as the Tron: Legacy Reconfigured remix album. I loved them both, played the daylights out of both of them, and I am patiently waiting for that Tron 3 petition to land on the desk of a Disney Exec with the force of a meteorite.

2. Halo (all of em combined) - I don't think I even knew what Gregorian Chant Music was before Halo came along. Is Halo the best sci fi shooter of all time? That's a debate that could last for days, but it's been a decade and a half since this game made Xbox what it is today, and 15 years later, my ears will still perk up if any Halo related music comes on.

1. Star Wars - If you've got an idea for something more deserving of this slot, email me or tweet at me and let me know, because I think it's pretty safe to assume that as far as science fiction soundtracks are concerned, the work of John Williams is some of the most iconic film music ever created. The scores that Star Wars has utilized is just one of the very many reasons why Star Wars rules the kingdom of sci fi.

Got an awesome inclusion that's slipping my dinner-deprived mind? Let me know!


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