My 5 Favorite Comic Book Characters

Playing cards charged with Gambit's kinetic energy.

Believe it or not, there was once upon a time when you had to go out of your way to ingest superheroes. These days, they're shoved down our throats, but I haven't forgotten about the comic book characters I loved growing up.

Every now and then, I'll see an image of one, or I'll come across an old binder full of X-Men trading cards, and I'll remember some of my old favorites. Here's a list of the five superheroes that come to my mind when I think of who my favorite comic book characters are.

5. Two-Face - The guy was two people in one person, split down the middle, And he had an obsession with flipping a coin whenever he needed to do, well, anything! Need I say more?

4. The Vision - I'm a huge fan of androids. They're so dapper and well-spoken. Except for Blomkamp's robots, I suppose, which are pretty much the opposite. But hey, I love em all!

3. Nightcrawler - Every time he Poofed! into a blue cloud and appeared elsewhere brought joy to my little sci fi loving heart. Nightcrawler has always been one of my absolute Marvel favs.

2. Strider Hiryu - Technically a video game character, but apparently, he appeared in some manga published strictly in Japan, so I say, he qualifies! Whenever I'd see a skilled player at the Arcade just rippin into people with Strider, I'd stand there in a trance and watch until one of them no longer stood.

1. Gambit - Can you imagine how annoyed I am every time a Gambit film is delayed? I have a thing for poker, so a comic book character that annihilates people with a bo and uses kinetic energy to charge playing cards before chucking them at people's faces, is an instant winner in my book. I really hope this Gambit film happens sooner rather than later.

Do you have a favorite superhero that isn't a super mainstream character like Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man? Let me know!


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