How Dawn of Legaia's Concept Art Came To Be

Dawn of Legaia's Concept Art, featuring 7 of the novel's main characters.

A couple years ago, I decided I wanted a visual for my story that I could use as a promotional piece.

I saw a friend of a friend on Facebook that was custom painting Vans quite well, and so I reached out to this young artist (named Arotin Hartounian) and picked his brain a bit.

He was equally excited to discuss the possibility of painting science fiction artwork. Over the course of several months and a few coffee house meetings, I provided Arotin with what we both felt was enough information relating to my story and the overall vision, to enable him to generate a corresponding work of art.

He presented me with several rough sketches, so that we could select a basic artistic layout or design concept. Once that had been determined, he began his work, and a few months later, I had a painting on canvas that I could display proudly in my home, as well as on the internet whenever applicable.

Since then, Arotin has been busy with his rigorous scholastic endeavors, and I have been busy editing my manuscript and making friends on social media, but I enjoy thinking about our collaborative undertaking on a granular level. After all, providing someone with words that will translate into an accurate depiction of those words in visual form, is no simple task.

If this artwork is of interest to you, you can learn more about the literary project it supports by checking out a Dawn of Legaia blog post or two, or by visiting the books page of my web site.


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