Westworld, and Autumn's Sci Fi Agenda

A Westworld android robot under construction.

October 2nd, are you there? It's me, A.C. ...

I don't watch much television, even within my genre, but I am a pretty legit Game of Thrones fan (no further explanation needed there), and I also watch Silicon Valley, because that show is pretty awesome.

That said, I am relatively excited about the upcoming HBO Sci Fi Western, "Westworld". With my super-selective palette and tight schedule, I'm surprised I'm this excited about a television show. Abrams, Hopkins, cowboys, androids. Here's my wallet. Take my money.

Dawn of Legaia's cover design is underway, and I plan to have the manuscript as well as the cover art finalized by the end of September. It's been a long road, and I've navigated it as thoroughly as my age and experience level has permitted. And in just a few months, my debut science fiction novel will be ready for consumption.

The next couple of months are going to be busy-busy, and when the artist's hat comes off, the promoter's hat is thrown on. The light at the end of the tunnel darkens abruptly, casting shadows over the next challenge, but I'm not afraid of the dark. (Just heights...I don't like heights...)


Image: HBO

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