5 of the Kookiest Robots of Our Time

R2-D2 and C-3PO posing in a narrow hallway.

Sure, they can be strong. Fear-evoking and domineering. They can save the world, or take it over. Robots come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes they're silly, and some of the most memorable robots of the last two or three decades have been pretty darn amusing. Today we'll take a look at five of the funniest, craziest, kookiest robots of our generation.

Honorable Mention: ASIMO - "A.C., ASIMO was not funny. What are you talking about?" Honda's android was quite sophisticated for his time. However, his walking motion made him look like he was in dire need of robo-exlax. (Nuts and bolts are not a good source of fiber, apparently.) And if you've never seen an ASIMO fail video on youtube, grab a guilty pleasure or two and prepare yourself for a good chuckle.

5. Vicki - The hilarity factor was pretty low with this small android wonder, but she was interesting to me when I was a young lad. She was silly, innocent, lived in a closet and dinged like my toaster oven. She gets inclusion based on sheer nostalgic value.

4. "Johnny" Number 5 - "Moar, Input!" This dude was awesome. "Hello, Stephanie". He was funny when he was calm and collected, and became extra awesome whenever he lost his shit. Remember how he read like a madman, feverishly flipping through the pages of books? "Disassemble? No Disassemble!" This post has inspired me, I'm totally going to watch Short Circuit over the long weekend.

3. Bender - Charles Bukowski reincarnated as an animated android. (Booyah for the an-trifecta!) He was vile, out of his artificial mind, and high-larious. As far as the bad robots are concerned, he was one of the good ones. A man-made Al Bundy for the simple man of the future.

2/1. R2-D2 and C-3PO - It's hard for a robot to have character when they speak in a series of sophisticated Bleeps and Bloops, but they sure did break the mold when they built R2-D2, and his charm has Clicked and Clacked its way into my heart. His golden brother, on the other hand, is arguably one of the most ridiculous synthetic beings of recent times. The first evidence of robotic social anxiety (that I'm aware of, anyway) You can't help but like the guy, even if you simultaneously feel like slapping him across the face with some swag. "Oh...oh, my!" Behind that golden armor and goofy-ass personality is a loyal companion, even though his motor-functions are due for a major upgrade.

There's another robot that comes to mind, but ya'll haven't met him yet. That, my friends, will be changing soon, as I prepare for the release of my new sci fi novel, "Dawn of Legaia". Nate's funnies are a smaller part of his persona, and it's more of a witty humor than a silly humor, but I'll let you meet him for yourself and be the judge.

Hope this list made you smile, and on behalf of everyone at A.C. Hachem (which would be just me, lawlz.) I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!


Image: Lucasfilm

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