Show Review: Stranger Things

Eleven from Stranger Things placing her hand against a glass barrier.

A retro sci fi horror series whose main characters are adolescants. Meh, right? Not the case, it seems!

Stranger Things has done a great job of creating its own unique vibe. Its font, its posters, the era during which the show takes place, and especially the show's old-school electro, synthwave theme music, are all elements that help the show carve out a special place for itself.

It contains just enough science fiction and horror to keep genre fiction enthusiasts pleased, while also having the ability to appeal to mainstream audiences.

I was leary while watching the first episode, but the series has quickly grown on me. Being the technologist or futurist that I am, it's actually kind of nice to take a break from the future, allowing myself to indulge in genre fiction set in the near-past. Additionally, I think the slow summer box office is helping the cause of decent programming, as viewers have fewer quality entertainment options to pick from this year.

The hype that's been building around this show is warranted, and the core elements of the story have been crafted watchfully. I'm especially partial toward adult science fiction, so if the MG-ish factor isn't bothering me, it probably won't bother you either.

The show has done a great job with its first season. Now the only question is whether or not Season 2 will be able to build upon the foundation they've laid in a positive manner. Stranger Things in Soska-approved, no doubt.


Image: Netflix

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