The State of Sci Fi: 9/5/16

Cyberpunk 2077 teaser photo of an armed man holding a woman at gunpoint.

Excited to hear about an update on Cyberpunk 2077. The game's developer has stated they're hitting the project head-on at the moment. Gamers and/or genre fiction enthusiasts have been anticipating its release for nearly 4 years now.

Anytime sci fi meets gaming, I tend to pay pretty close attention, and I know this title happens to be pretty highly anticipated. Let's hope its worth the wait.

Read an interesting article for a new set of science fiction and fantasy awards named, "The Dragon Awards". From what I was able to gather by reading about them on the Verge, it looks as though the award has a goal of rewarding works that are truly representative of core fans, and voting is open to the general public.

I like taking into consideration the opinions of literary circles and publishing industry representatives, but, that said, nobody knows what the fans want better, than the fans.

If this mission statement holds true, I'm excited by what the Dragon Awards will bring to the table regarding science fiction and fantasy recognition across multiple mediums.

Been super into retro electro and synthwave these past couple days, and I blame nobody but Stranger Things. For those that have heard of this show but are still on the fence about it, I urge you to watch several episodes. I'm fairly certain most will find it a worthwhile endeavor.

Kaladesh spoiler season is upon us, and I've been doing my best to keep up with them as they come in. My favorite source of MTG news is SBMTG on youtube.

Sad to hear about another failure at SpaceX this week, but the "Rocket Science" jokes exist for a reason. That shit ain't easy.

Westworld is less than a month away, and you can bet I'll be watching that series premiere on October 2nd.

Regarding my literary project, I've solidified a release date. "Dawn of Legaia" will be available for purchase in paperback and ebook on November 11th of this year. Please feel free to visit for more information about my debut science fiction novel.

Till next time.


Image: CD Projekt S.A.

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