PS4 Pro - iPhone 7 - Mass Effect!

An N7 special forces member from Mass Effect Andromeda stands against a desert backdrop.

Gamers, gadget lovers, and science fiction enthusiasts across the land were bombarded with awesomeness today. Sony finally gave us the 411 on stuff we had been speculating for weeks.

Pretty much the same goes for Apple. And the fine folks at Bioware gave us some in-game teaser footage for Mass Effect Andromeda. Although I'm not big on 3rd person shooters, or 3rd person games in general, Mass Effect is one of my favorite video games from that category. I wanna say Deus Ex is legit too, but I can't because I haven't played it. Hopefully I can catch some Deus Ex: Mankind Divided once my schedule frees up a bit.

The console wars are back on, and especially interesting is how Xbox's Project Scorpio will fit into the equation roughly a year from now. I'm thinking the Xbox One S is the right choice for me, especially since I never got the Xbox One.

I'm pretty happy with my iPhone 5 SE. I love the power in conjunction with the smaller form factor because I'm a tall dude with short fingers and the larger screens just don't jive with me. Dear Apple, please continue to make powerful 4" phones. Thank you.

Lastly, even though the screen I used to view the clip was 1080P only, the Mass Effect Andromeda teaser still looked pretty friggin' awesome, and I can only imagine how much better its going to look at a higher resolution. Personally, I'd rather have buttery-smooth frame rates at 1080P for the near-future, but that's just my preference.

Big news day for us nerds. Let's take a moment to breath it all in. I'm going to drink the last Dudes' Double Trunk in my fridge tonight and day dream of what Santa can bring me this year.


Image: Electronic Arts

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