The State of Sci Fi: 9/11/16

A White Walker from Game of Thrones looking menacing in a snowy forest.

Can't have a blog post on the 15th anniversary of 9-11 without taking a moment to acknowledge our brothers and sisters that lost their lives senselessly, 15 years ago today. You are gone, but seldom forgotten.

Here's just the tip of the iceberg concerning science fiction and pop culture goodies from this week:

Game of Thrones became the most awarded drama in Emmy history. Genre-fiction, winning!

All sorts of Star Trek 50 goodies were available this past week. 50 years is a long time. And only a truly superb work of fiction can withstand a test of time like that, so hats off to you, Mr. Roddenberry.

Looks like HBO is really banking on Westworld's success, as an article came out stating the network was making 5 seasons worth of plans. Looks like HBO feels they have another winner on their hands. I certainly wouldn't mind. Another GoT caliber show? All day.

On Friday I got some pretty epic news that I'm going to be a featured guest at the Comic Excitement Convention, a brand new comic con that's coming to L.A. Jan 14th and 15th. If it's in Los Angeles and at the L.A. Convention center, it's gonna be good. How good? We'll have to wait and see, but a $10k cosplay contest says, "Bring it on!"

Nice to see Virgin Galactic is back at it. Space and aerospace's private sector is the future of space travel and space exploration.

The twitterverse was pretty stoked to learn Joe Manganiello is going to play Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman solo film. If you ask me, Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, don't need any more solo films. Not anytime soon. We're good on that. Thanks.

James Cameron updated us on four Avatar sequels. I say this is TMI/info-dumping. Tell us about the next installment, and save your dreams of owning the box office for the next half decade for the boardroom meetings. We all know that given today's box office volatility, no franchise is immune to failure. I'd prefer to digest news about one film, not four.

Osiris-Rex set cosmic sail from Cape Canaveral on a 7-year asteroid hunting mission, and I wish the best of luck to the team behind that mission.

The Mass Effect Andromeda trailer Bioware dropped was huge, and I hope I have the time to dig into that a little bit.

I spent some time chatting with Sean from The PanFuture Society Podcast. We spoke about sci fi, Dawn of Legaia, film, books, and artificial intelligence. I enjoyed my conversation with Sean and will most likely be speaking with him again soon.

Xbox One S and PS4 Pro overload. Here's all I have to say about that. A few years ago, I turned to PC gaming because consoles were no longer giving me what I needed. Microsoft and Sony felt the burn from these departures and stepped up to the plate, giving us much better consoles and promising to deliver them at much faster intervals. Thanks, guys.

Suicide Squad broke into the top 100 grossing films of all time gang, and I'm glad, because it was one of the only legit films to be released this year. Hollywood has their work cut out for them.

Apple released news regarding the next iPhone and it seems like feelings about it are mixed. I'm current rocking an iPhone 5 SE and enjoying it. As soon as they release another high-powered 4 inch phone, I'll probably grab one, because I'm on my phone a lot. Too much, for sure. lol.

And lastly, the studio behind Cyberpunk 2077 updated us, letting us know things at their firm were full speed ahead concerning the title. Let's hope they do a superb job, because the demand is high for that one.

That was a lot of info, but hey, it was a busy week. 3 weeks left in September. Dawn of Legaia cover art is in the works, and I'm having fun doing a final-final draft. The curtain is about to open, and I have to make sure she's ready for the show room floor.

Till next time.


Image: HBO

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