Social Media Madness!

A screenshot of A.C. Hachem's Google+ profile.

President Camacho is at his throne, rippin' automatic fire while I'm being chased down by wolves and Mad Max vehicles. Okay, maybe it's not that serious, but my social media management efforts have been totally krazy, kick-ass lately, Scro!

Although I'm enjoying seeing progress as far as fans, followers, and impressions are concerned, this sort of marketing blitz is certainly not sustainable. And we haven't even factored in the time it takes to create and edit these lovely blog posts.

I do genuinely have a passion for marketing and advertising, so there's definitely a part of all this that's fun, but like, you know, life consists of other things, too, like, going out and doing stuff.

Today's social media highlight of the day has got to be these awesome little "interests" I created on google+. What purpose do they serve? Beats Me! (jaykay) But they sure do look cool. Actually, I made them because that section of my google+ page was blank, and I got sick of starring at empty space, so I had to replace the blankness with awesomeness.

I'll continue to be super active on twitter, facebook, google+, and my blog, until my schedule no longer allows me to be. Till then, it's a sci fi party in cyberspace.


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