6 Science Fiction Films On My Radar

Jake and Neytiri frolic in the Avatar forest.

Since this year's box office selection has been slightly on the :::moonlit swamp at 3AM noises::: side, I thought I'd ponder a few upcoming films, give us all something to look forward to as well as to help us forget about how :::ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz::: this year's films were. Here are the first 6 sci fi movies that came to mind.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 - 5/5/17 - The first one was a surprise hit, and I'm real curious to see how they plan on topping that.

Blade Runner 2 - 10/5/17 - Dear Sci Fi Gods, please, please, please don't let them F*** this up.

Justice League - 11/16/17 - Failure is not really an option here. Suicide Squad helped recover some lost ground, but we've still got quite a ways to go.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - Although The Force Awakens was good, the vast majority of core fans agree the film was stretched too thin, pulled in too many directions, and fell slightly (or majorly, depending on who you ask) short of the bar. Hard to say which short comings they'll try to address in Rogue One vs Episode VIII, but I really do hope there's some legit redemption here. :::que the Star Wars Main Theme:::

Avatar 2 - 2018 - Um, yeah, a sequel to the highest grossing film in the history of mankind. Best of luck to ya. (And that's not sarcasm.)

Tron 3 - ? - Not actually slated for production, but I'll keep bitching until it is.

There are certainly others, no doubt. And I'll most likely see them all!


Image: 20th Century Fox

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