Mid-September "Dawn of Legaia" Update

The sun rising in space over an orange Earth.

11/11/16, a.k.a. the release date of my debut science fiction novel, "Dawn of Legaia" is less than 2 months away. On that day, the world stops turning for 24 hours. Animals and humans alike will gather near bonfires. Temporarily able to speak one another's languages, they will discuss the epoch that is "Dawn of Legaia".

"Where were You when 'Dawn of Legaia' was released?" The future generations will ask one another.

To which I'd most likely reply, "Del Taco drive-thru, gettin' 2-for-1 chorizo breakfast burritos."

So obvious when a blog post is pre-dinner. Haha...

Seriously though! If you're not careful, the days turn to weeks and you're suddenly like, "Oh, Crap." Not on my watch...

Dawn of Legaia is almost there. I can taste it on my tongue (Last eating reference, promise.)

The final draft is underway, the cover art is being developed, and the shameless self-promotion is on fleek. Lawlz.

As I've discussed before, the less writing you're doing, the more promotion you should be doing, and vice versa. Juggling the two is no simple task, but then again, neither is writing a full-length genre fiction novel worth reading. Give me some credit here! I'm kicking ass and taking names in multiple verticles for God's sake! (Sorry, Atheist friends, Hachem loves you just the same though, and I hope you love Hachem too. Ooh, yeah, we're jammin.)

Saturday, editing blitz. And when I say "editing", I'm referring to very light revision, crossin' t's and dottin' I's. The heavy stuff is well in the past.

So thanks for stoppin' by...stay tuned...lots more sci fi awesomeness coming your way via tweets, blog posts, and DoL updates. Buckle up!


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