The Art of Cover Art

Cover art from John Scalzi's "The Collapsing Empire" novel.

As if playing artistic tug-o-war with what to put inside a book isn't troubling enough, the indie author has to also rack their mind deciding what sort of imagery, text, and design, is going to be on the outside of their beloved project.

The dynamic surrounding how cover design affects an indie book can differ from its brick and mortar counterparts. Indie novels don't sit on wooden shelves among thousands of other books as often as traditionally published books do. Most people with indie novels leverage the internet, live events, or word of mouth to spread their literary children.

The moral of the story is that although it may be slightly less important, it's still very much important. Besides, when you've spent months or perhaps years working on a project, you want it to have an impressive representative. A sort of witty PR rep that's also a mime. -_-

So as I continue to work with my industry associates on nailing down these attributes, it's becoming more and more evident just how deep this rabbit hole goes. But you can't obsess over it forever, just like you can't with your manuscript. You've gotta strike that balance point between "Eureka!" and "Onto the next one!".

I took an old, 11 page ideaboard (one that I had originally created to share with my concept artist, Arotin Hartounian) made a few additions, and fired it off to an author friend that also happens to be a pretty kick ass graphic designer.

So as that goes through the motions, I'm preparing myself for a weekend of scifichat, SEM and digital marketing consulting, and a big ol' pile of editing. Word count is at roughly 85k, BTW, we hadn't talked about that yet. (My guess is that the final number will be right around that mark as well.)

Here's an awesome io9 article from several months ago, featuring some pretty epic science fiction cover art. 40 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Will Rock Your World In 2016. And we definitely referenced it during today's Dawn of Legaia cover design convos.

On that note, I've got some TV to catch up on (haven't been able to watch TV in weeks!) and my dog is scratching at me, (which means it's definitely poopie time) so I'll catch you guys tomorrow!


Image: Tor

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