Raising The MTG Bar

Blessed Alliance MTG card art, by Johann Bodin

As with anything else I attempt, I'm constantly striving for improvement. As far as Magic the Gathering is concerned, the best I've been able to do was finishing 4th out of about a dozen Friday Night Magic players. The deck I was playing at the time was Mardu Warriors, and I could be mistaken, but I think the newest set out at the time was Dragons of Tarkir.

I won every match except my first one, and I don't even think that loss was the deck's fault. More so user error, as I made a dumb play or two and wasted a crucial removal spell on a token, only to have Wingmate Roc AND its wingmate enter the battlefield on the next turn. Either way, you live and you learn, and I won my remaining three matches that evening.

After spending a few minutes on the MTG card finder tool today browsing Kaladesh cards, I think I've reached an Abzan deck list that I'm happy with. Of course, once testing and gameplay are involved, there's no doubt modifications will be made, main deck and sideboard wise, but the fact that I've reached my first finalized Kaladesh decklist is pretty dope.

Now all that's left to do is wait for Kaladesh to be released, scoop up the cards that I need to complete the list, and have at it. I'll be sure to post my results with the deck as well as the deck list itself once I try it out, and I hopefully I whoop some wizard ass with it!


Image: Blessed Alliance | Johann Bodin/Wizards of the Coast

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