The State of Sci Fi: 9/25/16

Destiny Rise of Iron art featuring a flaming axe and angry wolves.

Good Evening, Fandom! Here's a quick Dawn of Legaia update:

I'm really enjoying what's happening with the manuscript. I'm 35% of the way through this final review. Additionally, I'm glad I'm taking the time to conduct this 5th and final draft. I wouldn't have been satisfied printing it after round 4, but I think I'll be content (enough) releasing it after this go around. So IMO, this is time well spent, and it will certainly result in a more fluid and enjoyable novel.

In other sci fi and pop culture news, SpaceX was able to hone in on the source of their most recent rocket failure. They believe "a large breach in the cryogenic helium system of the second stage liquid oxygen tank took place". The Amos-6 communications satellite on board was lost as well.

Looks like there are at least 5 Star Wars films in the pipe, with Rogue One, Episode VIII, Episode VIIII, and two more stand-alone films.

Destiny and Star Wars: Battlefront both got major DLC's recently, and I haven't read anything crazy about them, so I'm assuming everything is a-okay on that front. DLC issues seem to be far more rare than game release issues, since so much of the BS has already been ironed out. Even if a DLC does hit a snag, its typically minor and is patched quickly.

The fall gaming releases are almost upon us. Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare are the two games I'm most interested in.

Magic the Gathering's Kaladesh Block debuts in just a few days, and right around this time next week, I'll be checking out that series premiere of HBO's Westworld.

That's all the major stuff for this week, and The State of Sci Fi will be back next week with another recap of all the best sci fi and pop culture haps. Till next time...


Image: Activision

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