Artist's rendering of lightning bolts shooting across a spiral galaxy.

Astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology, are in an amazing place. They say our universe has 11 dimensions. That our universe could be part of a multiverse, or that our universe could be a sophisticated hologram. A distant civilization's experiment. Or perhaps the cosmos as we know them are nothing more than a young, alien prince's toy.

Do you ponder what our elite scientists are pondering? Or do you prefer to put your own creative twist on science's latest questions pertaining to space?

Are black hole's the highways of the cosmos? Is each solar flare a space traveler entering our neck of the cosmic woods? We may not have the answers to most of these questions today, but we're blazing a trail that may provide us with some pretty amazing insight into some of these grand cosmological ponderings.

I'm very glad to be living in this era.

Rapid advancement. Big questions. And bigger dreams.


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