My Gaming Rigs

My First Gaming PC, full of blue L.E.D.'s and lights.

I built my first gaming computer about 5 years ago. I wanted something the consoles just couldn't give me. It was a very rewarding experience, and I've been a PC gamer ever since. I just offloaded the 3rd gaming rig I ever built to a coworker of mine. So what's next?

I'm not into 4K or multi-monitor gaming just yet, so my next set up will probably consist of a really solid 27" 1080P monitor. Great response time, the latest tech, with a thin bezel. All my past rigs have used quad core AMD CPUs, and although they deliver great bang for the buck, I'm definitely going K series i5 on the next one. A **80 or **70 series geforce gpu, 16 gigs of RAM at 2133, and we're in business. Sharp, effortless gaming at 1080P with smooth-as-butter frame rates is all I ask for.

Hard to say when I'll have the time for serious gaming w/ getting ready to debut a sci fi novel, be a featured guest at an upcoming con in Los Angeles, etc., but whenever that time may be, I'm excited about building my biggest and baddest gaming rig yet.


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